Whatcom YP Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect and develop young, career-focused individuals in Whatcom County. We offer valuable networking through social events and community involvement opportunities that inspire growth in our members personally and professionally in a welcoming atmosphere.

Whatcom Young Professionals was created in 2006, as a division of the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce to create a resource for uniting, engaging, and encouraging a strong community of young professionals in Whatcom County.

We regularly host events to facilitate business, networking, and socialization from young professionals throughout all of Whatcom County; and across all industries. If you are interested in joining – or if your colleagues or employees would benefit from our organization – we encourage you to join Whatcom YP, view our calendar of upcoming events, or contact us with any questions!

Whatcom Young Professional Zero Tolerance Policy:

Whatcom Young Professionals Zero Tolerance Policy is part of our commitment to providing a safe and dignified organization for the community, regardless of gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or any other aspect of their identity. All Whatcom Young Professional members are responsible for conducting themselves in a professional and inclusive manner, and disciplinary action will be taken in situations where a Whatcom Young Professional’s behavior violates this expectation. The Policy covers harassment, bullying, and discrimination in Whatcom Young Professionals and provides a standard for addressing allegations of inappropriate behavior, ensuring fairness and equal treatment.

Any Whatcom Young Professional member who is found to have been involved in harassment, bullying, physical assault, or discriminatory behavior will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including membership termination. If anyone on the Whatcom Young Professional Advisory Council becomes aware or witnesses a Whatcom YP member engaged in inappropriate behavior, the member will be asked to leave the event or meeting which may result in the termination of membership decided by the advisory council.